Using Demand Data to Inform Content Decisions: A Case Study of 'Titans' in Mexico

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Parrot Analytics Insights - October 2023

For an executive at an OTT platform or SVOD platform looking to make more informed content decisions, the analysis of “Titans” in Mexico provides valuable insights. The show has an exceptional demand in Mexico, 11.1 times higher than the average show over the last 30 days, indicating its high value to the Mexican audience. As only 2.7% of TV shows achieve such level of demand, it could be inferred that “Titans” is a valuable asset for any platform that has it in its content library. Additionally, the show’s demand has been increasing recently in Mexico, implying that it is worth considering adding more seasons or creating spin-offs.

The Parrot Pulse for "Titans" indicates exceptional global performance across key dimensions. It has exceptional travelability and longevity, meaning it is well-liked and maintains demand over time, and its momentum, franchisability, and reach are outstanding. This information provides an indication of the potential of the show to do well in other global markets.

Further examination of the top 10 global markets where “Titans” is most in-demand shows that the show outperforms the average TV show in each of these markets, making it a valuable asset for distribution and acquisition decisions. For instance, in its home market, the United States, “Titans” achieved exceptional audience demand of 18.3 times the average title. Canada is also another market where the show has outstanding audience demand. Finally, certain markets like Germany and Brazil have outstanding demand for the show, highlighting the show’s potential for expansion.

As for a TV series financing company or entertainment talent agency, the analysis of “Titans” in Mexico can inform their content acquisition decisions by identifying content themes that could be valuable to tap into. The show is ranked at the 99.9th percentile in the crime genre in Mexico, meaning that this genre has an outstanding demand in the country. Additionally, the analysis of shows that fans of “Titans” also like, such as “Superman & Lois” and “The Mandalorian,” provides actionable insights into what type of content resonates with “Titans” existing audience, which can be used to guide acquisition, distribution, or financing decisions.

In conclusion, the demand data highlighted in the analysis of “Titans” can be a valuable tool for entertainment executives to make more informed content decisions, whether it concerns content valuation, programming decisions, distribution, or acquisition decisions. Demand data enables decision-makers to understand how well TV shows perform with their targeted audience, their potential for expansion in new markets, and what type of content resonates the most with their existing audience.

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