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Parrot Analytics is the leading global TV content demand analytics company for the fragmented, multi-platform world of television entertainment. With the world’s largest television audience datasets, the company currently tracks more than 1.5B daily expressions of demand in 100 languages, across 100+ markets around the world including New Zealand to reveal the TV content viewed and wanted the most by consumers. Parrot Analytics captures cross-platform TV demand in New Zealand, irrespective of the method of TV series consumption including smart televisions, TV apps or consuming television shows on a mobile device.

Parrot Analytics' TV demand data highlights the local television content monetization opportunities for studios, linear networks, broadcasters, pay television providers and SVOD or OTT platforms in New Zealand.

Unlike traditional television measurement (TV ratings), our DemandRank TV demand rating system ensures that important demand signals are weighted more heavily than others: The more consumer effort required, the more importance is attached to each signal. Once all the signals are weighted and combined, the audience demand in New Zealand for each TV show can be assessed, which can then be benchmarked against other important metrics and indices such as genre averages, using our globally standardized Demand Expressions® metric.

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