Unlocking Valuable Insights: How Demand Data Can Help TV Executives Make Informed Content Decisions

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Parrot Analytics Insights - October 2023

OTT and SVOD platform executives, TV production companies, and content distributors can use demand data to make more informed decisions when it comes to content acquisition and programming. By analyzing demand data for a show such as "Andor," these decision-makers can better understand the value of a specific title and predict its potential performance on their platform.

In the case of "Andor," the show is currently in a high demand state in Russia, with 14.0 times the audience demand of the average show over the last 30 days. This high level of demand signals that "Andor" is a valuable asset for distributors looking to acquire content with strong viewer appeal.

If a linear network or pay TV network were to air the show in Russia, they can expect a high number of viewers tuning in to watch the series, which would likely lead to increased revenue through advertising and subscriber growth. Meanwhile, streaming platforms looking to acquire the show should consider its exceptional travelability across different markets as a potential factor that can further increase its value.

OTT and SVOD platforms can leverage demand data to optimize their content strategy and better attract and retain subscribers. They can analyze the show's performance in different genres and understand audience preferences to make more informed programming choices. In the case of "Andor," it is currently ranked at the 99.4th percentile in the spy genre in October, indicating its ability to attract audiences specifically interested in this genre. To keep its current subscribers happy and attract new ones from its competitor streaming services, they should consider the spy genre fans and ensure they continue to provide similarly appealing titles.

Further, the Parrot Pulse measure can help TV executives understand the show's global performance across six essential dimensions, including audience travelability, momentum, franchisability, and reach. They can analyze how the show performs in different markets, including tracking its popularity in the United States, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Netherlands, Canada, and Germany. This information can enable them to optimize licensing and distribution deals worldwide.

By examining the show's demand data on a year-to-date basis, decision-makers can also identify any upcoming trends or compare the show's performance during different periods to understand how its audience demand might change over time.

To summarize, demand data is a vital tool for TV executives to analyze audience demand for a particular show and make informed decisions about content acquisition, programming, and distribution. For a show like "Andor," strong demand metrics in different genres and global markets indicate its potential value for streaming platforms, TV production companies, and content distributors, respectively.

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