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Using Demand Data to Make Strategic Content Decisions: A Case Study of Batman: The Animated Series

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Parrot Analytics Insights - November 2023

If you are an entertainment executive working at a platform or network looking to make more informed content decisions, or acquire or distribute content, demand data is a valuable tool that allows you to make data-driven decisions. The demand data analysis of "Batman: The Animated Series" we recently conducted in the United Kingdom in November 2023 is a case in point and shows how demand data can be used to inform many content-related decisions.

First, content valuation relies heavily on demand data and answers questions like how much a series or library is worth, what value a title has for different platforms, how to assess the value of exclusivity, and more. Using the demand data analysis, we can see that "Batman: The Animated Series" has 5.6 times the audience demand of average TV shows in the United Kingdom over the last 30 days and that only 8.6% of TV shows have this level of demand. This information can be used for content valuation by determining the dollar value contribution of the show to any platform, in any region, and answering questions about ROI.

In addition, audience demand data is useful for programming decisions and acquisition strategies. For instance, you can use the data to determine which genres are popular in different markets, what types of content match the specific tastes of your audience, and which shows will attract new subscribers or retain the current ones. Based on our analysis of "Batman: The Animated Series," we can see that the show ranks at the 96.2th percentile in the animation genre in the United Kingdom and that demand increased by 15.4% in November, indicating that there is a growing audience in this market.

Moreover, you can use demand data to unearth potential market opportunities and make informed decisions on whether to acquire or produce certain types of content. For example, by examining the top 10 global markets where "Batman: The Animated Series" is most in-demand over the last 30 days, we find that it outperforms the demand of the average TV show in each of these markets, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and France, among others. This information might help you decide on where to focus your distribution efforts or which countries to prioritize in your expansion strategy.

Lastly, demand data plays a critical role in identifying and quantifying franchise potential, measuring audience demand over time, and assessing momentum for a specific series. For instance, we found that the show has spectacular longevity data, indicating sustained demand, a good momentum rate, and good franchisability as a spin-off potential. All these metrics are essential for determining the strategic value of a series for a platform or network, predicting future performance, and deciding on renewals, pilot orders, or bonuses for creators and talent.

In summary, demand analytics are a valuable tool for making more informed decisions in the entertainment industry. With the analysis of "Batman: The Animated Series" as an example, we've illustrated some of the ways that demand data can help inform content, distribution, acquisition, and programming decisions. By using demand data, you can better understand the market, make more informed decisions, and avoid costly missteps.

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