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Parrot Analytics Insights - November 2023

As an entertainment executive, you are likely making acquisition and distribution decisions for your platform, network, or company. Parrot Analytics' demand data can help you make more informed decisions, by providing insights into the popularity of a TV show. Specifically, demand data can help you answer questions around content valuation and ROI, acquisition, programming, and subscriber retention and acquisition.

For instance, Parrot Analytics' demand data can help you understand how much a TV show is worth to a specific audience, platform, or region. In the case of "The Night Agent", the demand data demonstrates its high level of demand in the United Kingdom, reaching 3.5 times the average demand for all TV shows, which is a good indicator of popularity. Additionally, the demand for this TV series has been increasing recently, with an 89.4% increase during November in the United Kingdom. The data also shows that "The Night Agent" has higher demand than 95.5% of all drama titles in the United Kingdom.

Demand data can also provide insights into the target audience for a TV show, as well as their preferences, interests, and viewing behavior. For instance, the data showcases that fans of "The Night Agent" are likely to also enjoy "Special Ops: Lioness", "Ahsoka", "The Last Of Us", and other shows with a strong action-thriller theme. Knowing your target audience and their content preferences can help you make more informed content decisions- what types of shows to acquire, how to optimize timing and release strategy, or what genres to focus on to attract new subscribers to a platform.

Furthermore, demand data can inform program scheduling, marketing strategies, and content distribution decisions. For instance, the data shows that demand for "The Night Agent" is higher in its country of origin, the United States, than in the United Kingdom. This information may help in targeting marketing campaigns, scheduling air times, and influencing distribution strategies, knowing that the demand for a show may vary across different global markets.

Finally, demand data can be leveraged for subscriber retention and acquisition. Understanding which titles have strong demand among your current audience and which titles are likely to attract new subscribers, can help you make more informed programming and acquisition decisions.

In summary, by leveraging Parrot Analytics' demand data, entertainment executives can make content valuation, acquisition, programming, distribution, and subscriber retention and acquisition decisions that are more informed and data-driven, knowing the target audience and content preferences, regional-specific differences in demand, and the ROI of a TV show.

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