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Parrot Analytics Insights - July 2023

As an entertainment executive, looking at the performance of "Deadline: White House" can provide valuable insights into the show's audience demand. Firstly, demand data can be used to inform content valuation. Looking at this show, its audience demand is 10.3 times the average over the past 30 days in the United States and has been increasing. Knowing this, executives can determine how much they should spend on this content based on its global and regional demand. Content valuation can also be used to calculate the return on investment a specific title will bring and assess a TV series' ability to drive subscriptions and mitigate churn.

Another area where demand data can be used is in programming decisions. "Deadline: White House" achieved a peak rank of #319 in the United States, which is a measure of its popularity during this time period. It also has higher demand than 97.8% of all talk-show titles in the United States in July. Knowing this information, executives could consider airing the show more frequently or prioritizing it in their programming lineup.

Additionally, examining the top 10 global markets where "Deadline: White House" is most in-demand over the last 30 days, executives can use travelability data to consider the show's international demand relative to its home market. This show's travelability is poor, meaning it has a lower international demand compared to its home market. However, it has been a popular show in Canada as well as New Zealand and Australia, indicating the potential for international success.

In terms of distribution decisions, executives can use demand data to find new opportunity markets for content distribution and also quantify the platform-specific marginal revenue contribution. It can also be used to uncover under-monetized titles and inform decisions concerning supply and demand.

Finally, looking at the audience demand for "Deadline: White House," executives can use affinity analysis to find out which TV shows will help to acquire or retain subscribers. It can also inform pre-release marketing and help determine the best release strategy for a particular content.

In summary, using demand data can provide entertainment executives with valuable insights into how well a particular TV show is performing within the market and how it compares to other titles available. By using this data, executives can make more informed decisions around content valuation, programming decisions, distribution, and marketing.

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