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Unlocking Insights with Demand Data: Leveraging 'Face The Nation' Performance Analysis for Better Entertainment Decisions

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Parrot Analytics Insights - October 2023

Are you an entertainment executive looking for ways to leverage demand data to make more informed decisions? If so, let's consider the insights offered by Parrot Analytics' demand data in relation to "Face The Nation," a news program that offers insight and analysis of current events.

First, let's take a look at content valuation using demand data. The valuation system provided by Parrot Analytics is based on global content demand and supply, and it reveals the dollar value contribution of any title to any platform in any specific region. This system can be extremely effective for determining how much to spend on content. In the case of "Face The Nation", demand data can be used to answer several important questions. For instance, Content valuation uses demand data to answer these questions: how much is this show worth, how much value is derived from demand for one of its stars, and what is the value of its full content library to a streaming platform over time. Additionally, we can assess this show's ability to drive subscriptions or mitigate churn, as well as evaluate the ROI it can bring for any given platform.

Moving on to how demand data can inform distribution and acquisition decisions, executives can use demand data to benchmark "Face The Nation" against other titles available in the market. This also enables them to determine the level of demand for their content in target markets. Moreover, it is possible to analyze the franchise or spin-off potential of the show based on the trends shown by the demand data. Furthermore, we can determine the best platforms to target for distribution using market performance data.

For programming decisions, demand data provides insight into audience tastes, which shows and genres are popular, and what type of content is in demand in specific regions. Additionally, demand data can inform optimal release strategies and pricing. This enables executives to leverage data to decide which titles should be acquired, produced, or sold, and helps with subscriber acquisition and retention.

Finally, using the demand data for "Face The Nation" revealed recently that the show's demand in the talk-show genre in the US is in the 94.4th percentile, indicating higher demand than most other shows in this genre. We can also observe that demand for this show has been increasing recently and peaked in mid-October, with the United States being its primary market. These insights can help executives to adjust their marketing campaigns and release strategies accordingly.

Overall, demand data from Parrot Analytics provides a powerful tool for entertainment executives in various roles, including studio executives, TV producers, TV network executives, SVOD platform creators, and more. It can inform content valuation, distribution decisions, programming decisions, and much more by providing insights into audience preferences, market trends, and consumer demand.

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