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Unlocking the Power of Demand Data: How Only Murders In The Building Reveals Insights for Content Acquisition, Programming, and Global Expansion

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Parrot Analytics Insights - July 2023

For entertainment executives working at OTT or SVOD platforms, "Only Murders In The Building’s" outstanding demand in the United States and other international markets provide valuable insights to inform content acquisition and programming decisions. This show's demand data can be used for content valuation by revealing the dollar value contribution of this title to any platform in any region.

By understanding the show’s unique characteristics, such as the genre, audience preferences, and top-performing shows within the same genre, executives can use demand data to optimize their programming slate or develop similar titles with strong audience appeal.

The outstanding demand for "Only Murders In The Building" in the United States and other international markets reveals that the show is likely to drive higher viewership and subscribership, making it a strategic asset for any platform. The demand data can also reveal the show's ability to acquire new subscribers and mitigate churn.

Moreover, studying the show’s performance on a rolling basis or shorter periods, as shown in this analysis of July 2023, could inform executives on popularity, peak and sustained demand, as well as the pace of demand growth, particularly crucial for upcoming seasons of the show.

The global performance of "Only Murders In The Building" measured by Parrot Analytics' six dimensions of demand data provides concrete insight, opening opportunities for global expansion of an SVOD platform. Its exceptional travelability index signifies its content's potential growth into other international markets.

The analysis of the top 10 most in-demand global markets of the show provides insights into new partnership opportunities for distribution. The demand data can also be used to identify and target regions where demand is currently untapped, thus revealing new market opportunities.

In conclusion, entertainment executives can use demand data to quantify a specific title's dollar value contribution to any platform in any region, optimize their programming slate, reduce churn and acquire new subscribers, support global expansion, and identify untapped markets for distribution and future content investments.

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