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Unlocking the Power of Demand Data: How 'Star Trek: Picard' and Parrot Analytics Illuminate Content Decisions for Entertainment Executives

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Parrot Analytics Insights - March 2023

For entertainment executives seeking to make more informed programming decisions, looking at the demand data for a particular title such as "Star Trek: Picard" can provide valuable insights into audience engagement and preferences. By examining the Parrot Pulse report for the series, executives can see that this show has exceptional worldwide audience demand across all platforms. Its momentum, which is the pace of growth, is likewise exceptional, and its longevity measures how well audience demand is maintained over time, which is also outstanding. These insights indicate that "Star Trek: Picard" is a strategic asset to any streaming platform or linear network looking to drive subscriptions and mitigate churn.

Demand data can reveal important information about content valuation as well. By looking at the audience demand trends for "Star Trek: Picard" over the last 30 days, we can see that demand for this show has been increasing recently. In addition, its peak demand in the last 30 days was 52.0 times the average for all TV titles - a 8.0% increase compared to its peak demand over the course of the entire year. This indicates that "Star Trek: Picard" is growing in popularity and therefore has higher value in terms of potential subscriber acquisition and retention.

Further, by examining the top 10 global markets where "Star Trek: Picard" is most in-demand, executives can see that the show outperforms the demand of the average TV show in each of these markets, including the show's number one market, the United States. This information can help executives understand where a particular show's strengths may lie and how to optimize distribution plans for specific global markets, increasing both its travelability and its overall value proposition.

Finally, demand data can help inform decisions around content production or acquisition. By looking at the shows that fans of "Star Trek: Picard" also like, such as "The Last Of Us" and "Star Trek: Discovery," executives can identify potential areas of opportunity for new content in the science fiction genre. Additionally, by understanding the type of content that exhibits opportunity for acquisition or production, executives can make smarter investments in this category.

Overall, demand data provides entertainment executives with valuable insights into programming, acquisition, distribution, and content production decisions. By utilizing tools like Parrot Analytics' content valuation system, executives can make more informed decisions that ultimately drive revenue and growth for their organizations.

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