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Unleashing the Power of Demand Data for Entertainment Executives: A Case Study on Stranger Things

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Parrot Analytics Insights - April 2023

As an entertainment executive, there are several important decisions you could make using the demand data for "Stranger Things" in the United States provided above. Firstly, you could use the exceptional demand for this show to inform your content valuation. Using the Parrot Analytics content valuation system powered by global demand data, you can evaluate the dollar value contribution of this show to any platform in any region.

You could also use demand data to make informed acquisition decisions. If you are considering acquiring the distribution rights for "Stranger Things", the outstanding demand data for the show in the US and globally could indicate that it is worth investing in. The data also shows that fans of "Stranger Things" also like other popular shows such as "La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)", "The Witcher" and "Game Of Thrones", which could inform your acquisition strategy.

Additionally, you could use top market demand data to inform your distribution decisions. For example, since the US is "Stranger Things" number one market globally, you could prioritize U.S distribution for this show.

Demand data can also inform your programming decisions. By examining the top 10 global markets where "Stranger Things" is most in demand, you could evaluate the potential for expanding the show's audience in these markets. Demand data can also be used to inform marketing decisions such as identifying optimal release strategies and pricing.

Finally, demand data can be used to assess the show's longevity and momentum. You could analyze the performance of "Stranger Things" on a rolling year basis compared to the last 30 days to identify any changes in popularity and inform programming decisions accordingly. Ultimately, utilizing demand data can help you make more informed decisions about content valuation, acquisition, distribution, and programming at your OTT platform, SVOD platform, TV series financing company, entertainment talent agency, TV production company, studio, content distributor, linear network, or pay TV network.

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