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Using Demand Data to Make Informed Entertainment Decisions: A Case Study of Stranger Things in May 2023

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Parrot Analytics Insights - May 2023

If you are an entertainment executive, times have changed and so have the strategies for planning and executing your next move to stay ahead of the game. Using demand data from Parrot Analytics, you now have access to the most significant shift in the entertainment industry's insights. In this article, we analyze the United States' performance of the TV series "Stranger Things" for May 2023.

Our data shows "Stranger Things" to have a market-beating audience demand of 58.9 times the average show in the United States over the last 30 days. This is exceptional and means the show has higher demand than 99.8% of all TV shows during the same period. Despite a recent decline in its demand over the last 90 days, "Stranger Things" still ranks at an impressive 100.0th percentile in the drama genre, indicating that its overall demand remains exceptional. Using this audience demand data, entertainment executives can make informed decisions regarding content valuation, acquisition, distribution, and programming.

For instance, executives can use the data to determine how much a title is worth to their platform, what titles to acquire to prevent getting replaced, or how to evaluate the ROI of a specific show by using demand data. Additionally, executives can decide where best to distribute a show or how to optimize its release strategy using this data. Suppose you want to retain your existing audience or expand your reach to new subscribers by attracting new ones. In that case, executives can determine which shows to buy that will help achieve a subscriber retention or acquisition objective.

Furthermore, understanding the global demand for content is crucial, as it reveals where a show can perform beyond its local market, and this is where travelability comes in. Using this dimension, executives can quantify a show's international demand relative to its home market, improving their decisions about where to focus their strategic partnerships and where to allocate content investments. Based on our pulse report on "Stranger Things," global performance, travelability, and franchise potential are exceptional, indicating the show has the potential to reach broader international audiences.

In addition to this, executives can use Parrot's data to analyze the audience's taste clusters, genre preferences, and what's currently resonating with their audience. Using this data, executives can identify and produce content that caters to their audience's demands, thereby increasing engagement, and retaining customers.

One particular insight from our "Stranger Things" analysis relates to the show's longevity. This metric measures how well audience demand is maintained over time and how catalog content can contribute to customer retention. "Stranger Things'' demand is traditionally sustained, making it an excellent investment for content distributors, SVOD platforms, or linear networks.

In conclusion, entertainment executives can no longer afford to base their decisions on guesswork, and demand data provides them with the most accurate way of understanding how to cater to the desires of their audience. In using the above insights, entertainment executives can maintain a competitive edge in the industry, and ultimately remain successful.

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