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Maximizing Success in the Entertainment Industry: The Power of Demand Data Analysis

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Parrot Analytics Insights - June 2023

As an entertainment executive, using demand data can help you make more informed content decisions. "Stranger Things" is a great example of how demand data can inform content valuation and decision-making. Here's how:

- Content valuation uses demand data to answer questions like "How much is my series worth?" and "What is the value of a content library to a platform over time?" With 52.8 times the audience demand of the average show in the United States over the last 30 days, and having achieved the peak rank of #3, "Stranger Things" has an exceptional demand valuation. Only 0.2% of TV shows have this level of demand. Demand data let's you calculate the ROI a specific title will bring for any given platform.

- Demand enables valuing IP globally: What content is most popular in my market or on a global scale? Examining the top 10 global markets where "Stranger Things" is most in-demand over the last 30 days, we find that this TV series outperforms the demand of the average TV show (1x) in each of these markets. The United States is "Stranger Things"'s number one market globally, achieved an exceptional audience demand of 23.2x.

- Demand informs scalable concept testing: Which elements of existing content do fans like the most? "Stranger Things" fans also like shows like "The Witcher", "The Mandalorian" and "Game of Thrones", and understanding the shared elements across these titles can help inform future productions.

- Demand helps with subscriber retention and acquisition: Which titles should I buy if I want to keep my current audience happy? Which titles should I buy if I want to grow my audience? With "Stranger Things", audience demand for the show has decreased in the United States by 11.2% during June, indicating customer churn. By utilizing demand data you can take steps to acquiring or producing content to mitigate this.

- Demand enables competitive benchmarking: How can I compare my content against other titles available on the market? By examining how "Stranger Things" has performed historically and compared to other TV shows, you can make more informed comparisons, and utilize the data to refine your creative strategy.

Overall, demand data is a powerful tool that can help you make more informed content and acquisition decisions based on precise market demand. Proper use of demand data can aid in creating content that resonates more with your audience and retain and/or grow your customer base.

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