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Maximizing The Value of Your Content with Demand Data: A Case Study of 'The Chi'

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Parrot Analytics Insights - July 2023

If you are an entertainment executive looking to make more informed content decisions, the analysis of "The Chi" can provide some insights on how demand data can help you in your decision-making process.

Content Valuation:

Using demand data, executives can estimate the value of a title by answering questions such as, how much is this series worth, or how much of its value is being driven by demand for one of its stars? In the case of "The Chi," its outstanding demand in the United States (8.2 times the average show) over the last 30 days, and its increasing demand trend can be used to estimate the show's monetary worth. Parrot Analytics' content valuation system is based on demand data and can reveal the dollar value contribution of any title, to any platform, in any region.

Subscriber Acquisition and Retention:

Demand data helps executives make decisions concerning subscriber acquisition by providing answers to questions such as, which titles should you buy if you want to grow your audience, or which titles should you buy if you want to keep your current audience happy? In the case of "The Chi," the show's increasing demand trend in the United States (39.0% growth in July 2023) can be used by executives to identify the show's potential to attract new subscribers or retain current ones.

Programming Decisions:

Demand data powers Parrot Analytics' content valuation system by providing information on how well a title is maintaining audience demand over time and its capacity to generate future demand. The case of "The Chi" shows that the show has maintained its audience demand with an outstanding longevity score. It has also experienced a 47.1% increase in peak demand over the last 30 days, indicating audience interest. With such details, executives can make programming decisions like ordering additional episodes or seasons of the show.

Distribution Decisions:

With demand data, executives can determine which platforms to target for distribution of their content. In the case of "The Chi," the show's outstanding demand status and high audience demand score in the United States can allow an executive to identify a distribution platform that caters primarily to US viewers or expand the distribution agreement for the show in the US. It can also be used to identify other markets, such as France, the Netherlands, and China, where demand is good for "The Chi," but not as high as that of the United States.

In conclusion, Parrot Analytics' demand data provides entertainment executives with insights on how to make informed decisions regarding their content. The demand data analysis of "The Chi" showcased how the information can be used to inform content valuation, subscriber acquisition and retention, programming, and distribution decisions. With such data, executives can invest in content that resonates with their audience, attracts new subscribers, and grow revenue.

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