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Parrot Analytics Insights - December 2023

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, executives are constantly looking for new ways to make more informed decisions related to content acquisition, distribution, programming, and valuation. The use of demand data, like that provided by Parrot Analytics, can help executives gain insights into what is driving audience interest and engagement. Here, we will explore how the analysis of "The Night Agent" for the month of December 2023 in the United States can provide valuable information for executives working in the industry.

The outstanding demand for "The Night Agent" indicates strong audience interest and engagement. This data can be used by executives to determine the value of the content, both for content valuation and acquisition decisions. Additionally, comparing demand data over different time periods can help determine whether a show is declining in popularity, or if it is gaining momentum and reaching new heights.

Knowing which shows viewers who enjoy "The Night Agent" also like can provide insights into audience preferences and help executives identify potential content acquisition opportunities. Similarly, analyzing where in the world "The Night Agent" is most in-demand can help executives target global markets for content distribution.

Furthermore, the Parrot Pulse provides executives with an independent measure of a show's global performance across dimensions such as travelability, longevity, momentum, franchisability, and reach. This type of analysis can help executives make decisions related to programming and marketing strategies.

In conclusion, demand data analysis, such as that provided by Parrot Analytics, can play a vital role in strategic decision-making for executives in the entertainment industry. The analysis of "The Night Agent" demonstrates how this information can be used to gain insights into audience interest and engagement, determine the value of content, identify potential acquisition opportunities, and make data-driven decisions related to programming and marketing strategies.

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