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The Power of Demand Data: How Analyzing The Witcher's Popularity Can Drive Better Content Decisions

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Parrot Analytics Insights - June 2023

As an entertainment executive working at an OTT or SVOD platform, Parrot Analytics' demand data can help inform more informed content acquisition and distribution decisions. In particular, the audience demand for TV shows such as "The Witcher" can serve as a valuable tool for content valuation. By quantifying the show's popularity, we can get an idea of how much the show is worth, which can help in negotiations for content acquisition or in determining where to invest marketing dollars.

Parrot Analytics' demand data enables entertainment executives to answer crucial questions when it comes to content valuation. Demand data can help answer questions such as "How much is this show worth in different markets?" or "What is the economic value of this particular show?" Additionally, demand data enables these executives to gauge the ROI of a specific show and see how the show drives subscriptions and mitigate churn.

Furthermore, the analysis of "The Witcher" for the month of June 2023 in the United States provides additional insights that can also help inform content acquisition and distribution decisions. For example, the analysis shows that the show has exceptional audience demand across all platforms on a global scale. Additionally, this show exhibits impressive travelability, meaning it has a high level of international demand relative to its home market.

Moreover, the analysis reveals that The Witcher's longevity is exceptional, which suggests that audience demand for the show has been maintained over time. The show's momentum, which measures the pace of growth, is also remarkable, suggesting that it is still gaining popularity. Additionally, the show's franchisability (spin-off potential) is excellent, indicating that it may be a candidate for other forms of content beyond the existing TV series.

Furthermore, the analysis shows which other TV series audiences who enjoy watching The Witcher are also interested in. This information could be useful when making decisions about content acquisition and distribution. Similarly, examining important metrics for measure the show's popularity over time, such as comparing the show's performance on a 1 year rolling basis against the previous 30 days, can help you decide on strategies to maintain or grow the show's popularity.

In conclusion, as an entertainment executive, it is crucial to make informed decisions about content acquisition and distribution. Parrot Analytics' demand data can provide insights that can inform crucial decisions about content valuation, acquisition, programming, distribution, and marketing. The demand analysis of "The Witcher" for the month of June 2023 in the United States provides a good example of how demand data can be used to help executives make informed decisions.

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