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The Demand for 'The Witcher': How Demand Data can Revolutionize Entertainment Decision Making

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Parrot Analytics Insights - July 2023

As an entertainment executive, looking at the demand data for "The Witcher" can provide valuable insights into how to make more informed content, acquisition, distribution, or programming decisions.

Content Valuation:
- Using Parrot Analytics content valuation system based on demand data can reveal the dollar value contribution of "The Witcher," allowing executives to determine its worth and negotiate better terms.
- Demand data can provide insight into the show's ability to drive subscriptions and retain existing ones, allowing executives to more accurately determine the ROI of a title for any given platform.
- The exceptional demand for "The Witcher" means it is considered a strategic asset for Netflix, indicating that its value is affected by more than just the content itself.

Acquisition Decisions:
- Looking at the top 10 global markets for "The Witcher" can inform acquisition decisions. For example, executives could acquire similar content to "The Witcher" that is in high-demand in these markets to capitalize on the popularity of the genre.
- As the demand for "The Witcher" has increased recently, executives could use this data to justify acquiring more seasons of the show or similar content.

Programming Decisions:
- The fact that "The Witcher" has higher demand than 100.0% of all drama titles in the United States reveals that it is an exceptionally popular drama series in the region. So, if an executive intends to fill a programming slot with a new drama series, this data could lead them to consider a similar concept.
- The drop in the show's rank by 2 spots during July in the United States reveals that they could program the show to air during a different timeslot to increase viewership.

Distribution Decisions:
- As we have seen, "The Witcher" has exceptional travelability, meaning it has high international demand. This data can inform distribution decisions by highlighting which regions would likely resonate well with the show.
- The show's global performance across six dimensions, including reach or the number of people expressing demand for a show, can also indicate which platforms would be best suited to distribute the show.

In conclusion, demand data is an essential tool for entertainment executives looking to make more informed content, acquisition, distribution, or programming decisions. Studying the results of the case study at hand, executives could use it to increase efficiency, measure a title's worth, optimize contracts negotiating, improve retention, increase or decrease acquisition budgets, and reduce risks for their brand.

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